Reconstruction and repair of industrial, residential and public buildings and structures

Reconstruction of residential and industrial buildings is one of the activities of the construction company MSTK.

The need for such work usually arises when the intended use of an object changes, or when it is necessary to make major changes to its structures or networks.

An example of this type of work is the construction of a restaurant in the basement of a residential building, or vice versa, the installation of residential apartments in a former industrial administrative building. Adding a floor to an existing building, various extensions, as well as work related to intervention in load-bearing structures (reinforcements, openings, etc.) is also an example of reconstruction. Thus, when reconstructing buildings, not only individual elements are updated, but also a reorganization and redevelopment of the space occurs. In addition, the dimensions of the building may change. It is not uncommon for a construction company to strengthen the foundation or supporting structures due to the dilapidation of the structure.

Reconstruction work can be divided into several stages – inspection and obtaining a conclusion on the possibility of reconstruction, development of technical specifications and design, actual execution of the work and commissioning of the facility. Our company offers both the full range of turnkey services and the completion of any of the stages.

Although it would seem that the reconstruction of buildings involves carrying out ordinary major repairs, basically a whole range of work is carried out, in its significance and responsibility no different from those carried out during the new construction of a building. However, during reconstruction, the entire process is complicated by the factors of constraint, the impossibility of using traditional methods of carrying out certain work (for example, the project requirement to use only non-impact methods during dismantling), very often the impossibility of using traditional lifting mechanisms, etc. This, in turn, leads to an increase in labor costs, the need to use specific mechanisms and materials, and increased requirements for the quality of each stage.

Any reconstruction is a process that requires considerable capital investment and large labor costs, because the purpose of such repair and construction work is to improve the operational characteristics of buildings and premises, and, accordingly, increase the efficiency of operation (as an example – increase in rental income).