The main team of management and engineering personnel of the company was formed in 2002. Since that time, we have been working as an independent contracting organization, both as a general contractor (carrying out almost all the main volumes of work on the project on our own), and as a subcontractor (if it is necessary to perform a large volume of the same type of work, for example, only finishing or only façade works).

Having carried out some of our projects both as an investor and as a contractor, we understand the potential capabilities, requirements and complexities of each side of the construction process. This understanding, in turn, leads us to the fact that the most important components of the success of any construction project are the creation of comfortable working conditions for all interested parties. For our part, we always try to find a compromise in financial matters, we are ready to take on all the problems associated with design, supply of materials, attraction of equipment and subcontractors, logistics, as well as other components of the construction process, which, as a rule, the Customer does not have enough time and in which he is not an expert.

In the basic version, the average cost of almost any of our work is the average market price for the region. Whenever possible, we always try to offer the Customer options for solving the problems that he poses to the construction company with different price/quality/time ratios. We always try to be guided primarily by the needs and capabilities of the Customer, on the basis of which the final pricing for our services is based. Having considerable practical experience behind us, when performing work we always try to look one step ahead, which allows us to minimize the risks that any work will not be completed or performed with inadequate quality.

During the period from 2010 to the present, a fairly large amount of work has been completed in almost all areas of industrial and civil construction. Below are some of our facilities:

  • Construction of multi-apartment residential buildings (50-70 apartments) on the street. Yaroslavsky, Ganna, Malinovsky, Kontorskaya in Kharkov
  • Construction of cottages in the Kharkov region
  • Construction of 5-floor. business center 1700m2 in the center of Kharkov
  • Reconstruction of non-residential premises into a class A business center
  • Construction of a chain of restaurants “TANUKI” in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk.
  • Construction of a cinema “Kronverk Cinema” for 6 halls in the shopping center “DAFI”, Kharkov
  • Reconstruction of a construction hypermarket in the Karavan shopping center, Kharkov

In industrial construction, work was carried out at the following facilities:

  • Reconstruction of 15 buildings of the poultry farm – “MOROZOVKA-AGRO”
  • Major repairs of roofs, etc. at UKRZALIZNYTSI facilities
  • Installation of industrial heating and ventilation system SMD – Poltava Mining and Processing Plant
  • Anti-corrosion protection of production lines, process pipelines and concentrating plant structures – Poltava Mining and Processing Plant
  • Internal finishing work at the processing plant – Poltava Mining and Processing Plant
  • Reconstruction of 15 buildings of the poultry farm – “MOROZOVKA-AGRO”
  • Major repairs of roofs, etc. at UKRZALIZNYTSI facilities

With respect and hope for mutually beneficial cooperation,

team of LLC “MSTK-PROM”